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Average ETA for Roofing Projects

Did you know that installing a new roof can increase the value of your home by an average of $12,000? Not only does your roof have a direct impact on your home's value and curb appeal, but it plays a critical role in protecting the interior of the house. Whether you're updating the look or replacing damaged roofing materials, one thing remains the same: Roofing is a significant project.

Understanding the estimated time allocated (ETA) helps you better prepare for the undertaking. After all, even the shortest roofing project still brings its fair share of noise and debris with it. While many factors affect the actual timeline, including weather, complexity, and size, we've gathered a general schedule, so you know what to expect from your roofing company.

Planning Time ETA

No matter the reason you're having roofing work done, you'll have to go through the initial phase of inspection and planning, which can take anywhere from one to four weeks. Start by calling a trusted roofing expert to come and provide a thorough inspection of the current roof and an estimate for the work you want to have done. After completing the estimate, the roofing company will provide a quote and a better idea about the scope of the work you're having done. During the planning phase, you'll choose your roofing material, and your contractor will secure any permits necessary for the job.

Average Installation ETA

The actual time frame for installation typically spans from a few hours if you're patching or repairing a small area to seven days or longer for a full replacement. Roofers may take another day or so to clean up all the debris, check for stray nails and haul away the dumpster if it's needed. ETA varies from project to project depending on numerous factors. For example, if you're replacing a roof, it might take one to two days, but if you need to remove the old roof, sheathing and have the contractor perform repairs, it will take longer.

Factors that Affect ETA

Are you planning a partial patch or a full re-roof? Those are just two of the factors that affect overall timing. After all, fixing what's already there takes a fraction of the time it takes to replace the whole roof. What are a few extra things to consider?

  • Sloped and tiered roofs take longer to work with than simple roof architecture.

  • Installing delicate or heavy roofing materials like clay tiles take longer than metal or asphalt shingles.

  • Weather can hold things up and delay work considerably.

Having a general idea is great, but it's no replacement for receiving personalized advice from pros who know best. For the most accurate ETA, talk to the experts at Weatherford Roofing. We've serviced the Weatherford area years, which gives our professionals the experience needed to provide you with a customized ETA that takes all possible delays and other factors into account. Call our team of highly-certified roofing professionals today to start planning your next roofing project.

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