The Dangers of Roof Leaks

Roofing customers sometimes wonder whether or not delaying the repair or replacement of a severely damaged roof poses any safety hazards? Unfortunately, in some situations, this strategy produces grave harm. A qualified roofing contractor frequently encounters situations in which property owners should take prompt action to prevent further water leaks.

Just consider four cases in which delaying holds perils:

One: A Roof Collapse Appears Possible

Over time, the development of numerous leaks causes extensive damage to a residence (especially in the case of the roof). For example, as water penetrates a wood-framed building, it may cause wood surfaces to begin warping out of shape. In some cases, chronic leaks even allow the wood to rot. If long term damage occurs, structural problems ensue. In the worst case scenario, a roof collapses. This outcome concerns everyone!

Two: A Persistently Leaky Roof Can Facilitate Indoor Mold Growth

Persistently damp, wet conditions inside a home invite the growth of microscopic plants on impacted indoor surfaces. Commonly referred to as "molds" or "mildews," these infestations prove undesirable (and unhealthy) for several reasons. First, many people with health conditions sustain problems from poor indoor air quality. Second, mold spores sometimes cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. Third, molds which grow on interior surfaces damage these sites. Molds will ultimately weaken framing timbers, ruin drywall, and harm household furnishings and upholstery. By repairing leaks promptly, homeowners reduce the opportunity for water leaks to contribute to indoor mold growth.

Three: Water Leaks Harm Electrical Systems

When the roof leaks, it may allow rainwater to stream visibly down walls in the home. It may also cause unseen leaks. When water collects within the inside of a wall, then the moisture from persistent roof leaks may eventually corrode electrical wiring and damage electrical outlets. Water conveys electricity quite well. It sometimes contributes to residential house fires caused by malfunctioning electrical systems. Fortunately, most leaking roofs don't produce house fires. However, it merely makes sense to correct this potentially dangerous problem before extensive damage occurs.

Four: Most Roof Leaks Increase in Scope Over Time

With time, a small leak in a roof usually grows more substantial. This problem arises because wooden surfaces cannot tolerate extended exposure to water without warping or rotting. Damaged wood adjoining pinpoint leaks eventually will deteriorate. Ultimately, the size of the hole enlarges. Homeowners who take quick action to obtain successful roof repair minimize long term damage to their homes.

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